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Rock Star Career Transformation Coach, Pat Roque, share job seeking advice with Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec

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As a top recommended Career And Interview Coach as seen on major media including Good Morning America, Pat Roque answers the biggest, burning questions that keep thousands of job seekers just like YOU up at night. Are you wondering...
✅How should I prepare my resume, and do I need to start from scratch?

✅ How can I highlight my skills?

✅ How should I still apply for jobs if I'm not 100% qualified?

✅ What kinds of info belongs in each job description?

✅ What if I have employment gaps?

✅ Do I need to include a summary?

✅ How do I hide my age so they don't eliminate me before truly seeing my value?

✅ What if they think I'm over-qualified?

✅What should I not include on my resume?

✅How do the resume and LinkedIn profile differ...and why do I need BOTH?

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Why Pat Roque and Rock Your Interview Can Rock Your World...
The Making of a Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach...
The Making of a Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach...
Pat spent 20+ years building a career in the fast-paced world of PR and Communications. Pat held progressive positions within several top PR firms that culminated in her "dream job."

Pat’s successful career came to an abrupt stop. She suddenly found herself with no paycheck, severance, or clue about what to do next. At the same time, the symptoms of menopause made her feel even less in control. Pile onto all that—yes, there’s more—Pat was about to turn 50, a milestone birthday that couldn’t happen at a worse time. Or could it?
Pat was unaware that she was experiencing the darkness before the dawn of her true calling...
Pat’s best friend gave her a birthday present that proved to be the catalyst for her newfound happiness: a box of 50 rocks. Not just any rocks. These were gold-painted rocks on which were words that personified Pat—caring, kind, supportive… Pat shares this empowering tool “Rock on Success System” with all of her clients. The rocks helped Pat see that turning 50 truly did rock and propelled her into action. 

“Looking for a new job made me think, was a big paycheck really worth a long daily commute, missed time with my family, and working with people whose values didn’t align with my own? It felt as if I was selling my soul for a job that I didn’t really want. I had to get clear about what I was best at and what was going to make me happy.” Pat explained.

Pat was inspired to develop a process that transformed her life. Her friend pointed out that, while this came naturally to Pat, there were many others who would also benefit from Pat’s process. She wisely suggested that Pat document her efforts; resulting in Pat launching her signature program “Rock Your Strength” and published her Rock On Success 90-Day System.

Pat is no longer tethered to a desk and is truly living her best life as the Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author. Her thriving coaching business, speaking engagements and books allow Pat to help her clients around the world from a laptop. Pat’s life is proof that you can elevate your personal and professional brand to Rock-Star Career Status.

karen glade, Indivior
"Pat looks at you as a total person: Pat’s a master at instilling confidence and helping you embrace your strengths. She doesn’t use the exact same recipe for every client. She’s built an amazing system and while we may use the same structure, what we do with it is unique to our situation. With her transformation tools, Pat teaches us how to have structure where and when we need it. She got me organized, focused, leveraging her connections for the inside track and totally helped me prepare and ace my interviews. Now I value her support as I navigate my amazing new job!"
HENRY anderson, brand acoustics
"I have known Pat for a number of years and witnessed her transformation from vendor to "inspirer-in-chief" and recently had the pleasure of attending one of her coaching sessions. What's immediately obvious from any social or professional situation is Pat's amazing ability to foster trust and open-communication within and between her network. Her own story of discovery is compelling, but what makes her truly unique is how her journey has become a platform to help others bring about reflection and change. I strongly recommend Pat for your team-building needs and as someone who can push you to define your future goals and personal identity. "
laura reilly, anu healthcare
“Pat is an amazing coach! She helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. She gives you her time, contacts, and support without the “sorry time is up” stop watch. Pat shares like no one I have ever met before. I needed to be kept on task and she held me accountable, plus helped me do it all more efficiently than I would have alone. That’s why I signed up for her Mastermind, too!”
WHy rock your RESUME?
This program is for you if you whether you need to brush up your old resume or recreate your story to head in a new direction. Learn best-kept secrets that will set you apart from a sea of hungry candidates as you...
Research the company's big-picture thinking. Are they led by world-class leaders of industry who will appreciate your perspective to solve their biggest challenges?
know your value
Learn to explain how your accomplishments align with theirs. Leverage your best gifts and build a business case to ask for what you deserve.
know how they nurture
Understand the company's mission, vision and how they impact employees, customers, the environment, and our community.
Leverage testimonials and recommendations from others to instill confidence in their decision to hire YOU!
Show how your prior accomplishments will now drive momentum for their measurable, repeatable success.
Ask Smart Questions
We've prepared an extensive list of the most frequently asked questions so that you are fully prepared to put your best foot forward and find that Cinderella Moment!

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